Aroma Diffuser AS-500

Portable, compact, charming and discreet, The AS-500 has an automatic shutdown system, easy operation and maintenance, touch screen operation and also several levels of fragrance programming and concentration.

Provides a quality perfume preserving the integrity of its essential oils. Perfect for a small office, bedroom or living room.

Available in Black, Silver and Champagne Gold.

Aroma Diffuser AS-1500

Stand Alone Diffuser / Non HVAC connection  

The design makes it beautiful. Easy to operate and diffuse fragrance directly.

Large capacity refined oil bottle, more durable and intelligent control of the timer program, freely adjusts aroma concentration and operates with touch screen and application control. Intelligent dynamic light of oil level with different colors. 

Aroma Diffuser AS-2000

Smart Aroma – Table top, Wall-mounted and HVAC system connection

Easy to install, intelligent control by APP operation. This diffuser has a coverage of up to 2,000 square feet and promotes the best quality aroma for small homes and offices.
It is a compact unit that can be hidden behind closed doors for discreet and quiet operation of your facilities.

Nebulizing with the latest cold air diffusion technology, the AS-2000 atomizer preserves the therapeutic properties of aromatic oils based on essential oil. 

Smart APP one-click network distribution.

Aroma Diffuser AS-4000

New technologies integrate this innovative aroma diffuser. Composed of a touch screen display, oil level sensor and application control, this powerful diffuser has the ideal aromatizing solution for medium / large environments.
Have the maximum aromatic / therapeutic experience and benefits for your environment with noise reduction.

Aroma Diffuser AS-6000

Smart Aroma – Table top, Wall-mounted and HVAC system connection 


Quiet whisper. Broadcast your home or office entirely.
Convenient and discreet.
Flavor your entire home or business through HVAC / AC with ease. This diffuser is perfect for anyone who owns a large house or a large warehouse.
Integrated with the cold air misting system, you can fully harmonize your entire environment.

Aroma Diffuser AS-10000

Power Aroma – Table top, Wall-mounted and HVAC system connection  
The Most Efficient Commercial Atomizing Diffuser!
The AS-10000 is one of the most powerful HVAC atomizing diffuser systems in the marketplace today.
Composed of 2 machines in one, it has the ideal design for those who have more than 1 AC machine in their space.
This powerful diffuser covers up to ~ 10.000 sqft.
Your total scenting solutions for XL House, Office or Warehouse.

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